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Meze Starter Pack

Offer limited to 1 per outlet

Make & promote 28 complete Meze

Sharing is back on the menu

If you are looking for the joy of shared food, with a wonderful mixture of tastes and textures, then make way for Meze!

This ready to serve, perfectly balanced and expertly curated offering, bridges the gap between your food menu & dry snacks, is easy to serve – straight from pack with no cooking, kitchen or chef involved.

What’s more, the resealable pouches and tubs will help to keep your Meze tasting deli-fresh. Serve it on branded boards & bowls or recyclable trays and pots – the choice is yours. We’ve even taken care of skewers and point of sale material!

Our Meze:

  • Offers a balanced & carefully curated selection of six meze
  • Bridges the gap between your food menu & dry snacks
  • Easy to serve – straight from pack with no cooking
  • Offers food between services without the need for a Chef
  • Acknowledges the trend in sharing & small plates
  • Suitable for front-of-house staff to serve

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The meze starter pack contains:

All the kit:
x 4 Bamboo Meze serving boards
x 24 Branded melamine 90mm Ø bowls
x 28 Meze recyclable trays
x168 Meze recyclable pots
x 30 Packs of skewers (x4 skewers in each)
x 10 Meze menu postcards – Meze Box
x 10 Meze menu postcards – Meze Board
x 1 Meze menu bamboo holder
x 1 Meze Box ‘Perfect serve’ guide
x 1 Meze Board ‘Perfect serve’ guide

All the food for 28 servings:
x 2 Basil & Garlic Olives in 1kg pouches*
x 2 Antipasti Mix in 1kg pouches*
x 2 Cheddar & Peppers in 1kg pouches*
x 2 Harissa meze dips in 1kg pots*
x 2 Spicy habas & corn in 700g pouches*
x 6 Rosemary Crostini in 200g packs
All *Resealable, recyclable, delicious!

Expertly curated

Antipasti olives

Large Chalkidiki and Kalamata olives with garlic cloves, sweet peppers, cornichons, sun dried cherry tomatoes in cold pressed oil.

Garlic & basil pitted olives

Large Chalkidiki olives with garlic, sweet basil and cold pressed oil.

Harissa Meze Dip

Smoky harissa meze dip with spicy peppers, sun dried tomato and smoked paprika.

Rosemary Crostini

Rustic Italian crostini with rosemary & olive oil.

Cheddar & Peppers

Marinated Cheddar cheese with Macedonian peppers, chilli flakes and oregano.

Spicy Habas & Corn

Chilli, lemon and paprika habas fritas with baked giant corn.

Offer limited to 1 per outlet
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All the food and serving equipment included in The Real Olive Company Meze Starter Pack.
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Includes all the kit and food for 28 servings, feeding up to 122 people.